Representing Injured Workers In The Automotive Industry

Throughout the course of a normal work day, workers within the automotive industry face numerous safety risks. For example, in addition to driving large commercial trucks, truck drivers often engage in other physical work duties that include loading cargo and dragging and lifting heavy objects. On a rainy or snowy day, even getting in and out of a truck's cab presents dangers.

Truck drivers can also be involved in serious traffic accidents that may leave them injured and therefore entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. As a no-fault system, even if a truck driver causes an accident, he or she may file a workers' comp claim for lost wages and medical costs. What matters is whether a truck driver is injured while performing duties associated with their employment — simply driving from point A to point B is often sufficient.

Fighting To Obtain The Money You Need And Deserve After A Work Injury

Mechanics help repair cars and commercial trucks—a job that often includes a lot of heavy lifting. From lifting 100-pound truck rims to heavy tires and other automotive parts, mechanics confront a range of challenging physical tasks during the course of a workday that can lead to injury. What's more, unless there is accommodated light duty office work available, these types of injuries often produce lost work productivity and time.

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