Does Your Occupation Put You At An Increased Risk For Suffering A Work Injury?

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What Are Some Of The Most Dangerous Occupations?

While every job has safety risks, the risks of suffering serious and disabling injuries are much greater in certain industries. The following are among some of the most dangerous industries that frequently result in workers suffering injuries:

  • Construction workers: Consistently ranked as being one of the most dangerous occupations, construction workers frequently suffer lifting-related injuries to the back, neck and shoulders. Additionally, annually, falls, falling debris and heavy machinery are cited as contributing to the serious and disabling injuries of thousands of employees throughout the construction industry.
  • Manufacturing and warehouse workers: Assembly workers often engage in work duties that can lead to repetitive wrist and hand injuries, elbow injuries and cumulative trauma such as tendinitis. On a daily basis, warehouse workers face occupational risks including heavy lifting and working around equipment such as forklifts, both of which increase the risk of accidental injury.
  • Health care workers: Nurses and other health care workers frequently suffer lifting injuries while moving or assisting patients.
  • Automotive workers: Bending, lifting and working around heavy equipment can result in mechanics suffering back and struck-by injuries while truck and delivery drivers are at risk for suffering injuries in traffic accidents.
  • Retail workers: For retail workers, stocking shelves, lifting heavy boxes and maneuvering pallets increase the risk of serious injury.

Obtain The Maximum Amount Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

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